Age Groups

One of the advantages of the Roman’s non-competitive ethos is that we do not segregate children strictly by age. Although it is convenient for us to talk about approximate age groups, in reality children progress to higher groups when they are ready.  This flexibility allows each child to continue to play in a challenging environment, regardless of whether their team-mates are older or younger than themselves.

Group One (approx 4 to 5)
This is the introduction to bigger things! Above all a fun environment, the enthusiasm of the boys and girls in this age group is infectious!

As coaches tend to progress through the groups with their children, we always need new coaches to help out in this age group. We would love to hear from mums and dads who are prepared to get their old boots on – no coaching qualifications required – just enthusiasm!

Group Two (approx 6 to 7)
Previously run in conjunction with Group 1, our weekly player numbers now warrant this being a separate group of its own. Emphasis remains on having fun, with friendly matches and fun drills/games to introduce and practice basic skills.

Group Three (approx 7 to 8)
Here we are attempting to introduce the basics of team play!

Group Four (approx 9 to 11)
A little training, but mainly matches understanding more rules of the game.

Group Five (12 to 17) Mainly play matches, little training. Should know the rules

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